How Climate Change Impacts Your Irrigation

August 26, 2022 12:00 pm
Gregg Black

Technical Sales Manager – ETwater, a Jain Irrigation Company

Climate change is making your water management job harder. Weather variability causes hardships for traditional irrigation controllers.

Adjustments need to be made more frequently, and the degree of change is also increasing. In addition, it takes more water to keep landscapes looking their best when it is hotter.

Climate change is also impacting agricultural production. The future availability of fresh water for human consumption, agricultural production, and manufacturing is uncertain. ​

Rainfall ​patterns are also changing, which adds to needing more tools to manage water successfully. Fortunately, the Jain Irrigation Training Series teaches you how to navigate these challenges this week.

During this webinar, you will learn:

  • How climate change is impacting our weather – more extreme heat, drought, rain
  • Why weather variability catches standard timers off guard.
  • Historical weather data is getting more and more out of date.
  • Why It’s most efficient to send real-time weather data to controllers.
  • How hotter weather and more solar radiation mean more frequent irrigation is necessary.
  • Why heavy rain means irrigation can stop for more days before and after the rain event.
  • Why controllers that update automatically with weather data means contractors can focus on hiring, training, selling, and retention.
Gregg Black ETwater Smart Controller Sales Guy
Gregg Blak

Technical Sales Manager, ETwater - a JaIN IRRIGATION COMPANY

Gregg Black is a 16-year veteran of ETwater and one of its original employees. He was responsible for testing, implementation and team development projects as well as responsibility for key accounts, training and support activities. He works primarily in Northern California helping new and existing customers learn how to maximize their technology investments, grow their businesses and achieve their revenue goals.

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