How Drip Tape Placement Affects Germination And Yield In Cotton

December 11, 2020 12:00 pm
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Michael Pippen

Director of Business Development

Cotton production is a $25 billion-per-year industry in the United States, and the U.S. exported almost $8 billion worth of cotton last year. Cotton is one of our thirstiest crops, and using drip irrigation can reduce water use while improving yields. How successful you are reducing water use and increasing profits depends on how you manage your drip system.
Our irrigation training session will provide some techniques you can start using right away to make yourself more profitable.
American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers released a report discussing a field study describing how varying the row spacing on cotton in relation to the drip irrigation system location affects the germination and yield potential. We will share the results of that study and other cultural practices and how to access the value of the different irrigation techniques.
If you currently use drip irrigation or were thinking of installing drip irrigation on your farm, this session is a much see. We look forward to seeing you on Wednesday.  
Michael Pippen

Director of Business Development

My entire career and personal life has been immersed in the agriculture industry. Being raised on a farm in the Mississippi River Delta, my background is in the commodity crops of cotton, corn, and soybeans. My professional career has been focused in the specialty fruit, vegetable and nut crops, however I now am spending considerable time in the commercial landscape market as well. Early in my career I provided CRM, design and sales services. More recently I have concentrated on market development, team management and strategic planning. I believe my experience at the field, distributor and manufacturer level gives me a unique perspective. My career passion is to provide practical solutions to help growers and property managers make better decisions by utilizing field proven technologies. 

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