How The “Right” Irrigation Fitting Saves Water

May 25, 2022 12:00 pm
Andy Belingheri

National Sales Manager, Jain Irrigation, Inc.

There are three basic irrigation fittings available, and your selection of the three makes a significant difference in water savings.

Selecting the correct fitting for your particular irrigation project does not seem that difficult until you do a google search. So many fittings and so little time. This drives you crazy because picking the wrong fitting results in callbacks, water waste, and slowdowns on the job. You don’t need any of that, and we are here to help again this week.

Once you understand the basics of irrigation fittings and why the particular fitting is perfect for your job, selecting the “right” irrigation fitting every time will be easy.

This week Andy Belingheri will step us through to process of irrigation fittings, and after the webinar, you will understand:

  1. The differences between insert, compression, and locking fittings
  2. The best use of each including the pros and cons of the fittings
  3. How to select the proper fitting for the job
  4. How fittings impact water conservation
Andy Belingheri

National Sales Manager, JAIN IRRIGATION, INC

Andy Belingheri is a 20 year landscape industry veteran with extensive experience in landscape maintenance, design and construction. He has a degree in Landscape & Urban Horticulture from BYU, is an ISA Certified Arborist and has built his career helping others find solutions to their landscape needs. As a native of the Nevada desert he understands the importance of water conservation and sustainable landscape practices. He also believes in well-thought-out landscape designs that have profound impacts on people. Andy enjoys all things plants and loves to help neighbors, relatives and friends in their landscape and garden efforts. He appreciates nature and loves being outdoors, especially camping, hiking, and fishing.

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