How To Complete A Jain Logic Seasonal Tune-Up

April 29, 2022 12:00 pm
Damien Jelen

Jain Monitoring and Control

David Lindsey

Jain Monitoring and Control

AgTech, combined with experience, is a path to success for water management. Each year before summer hits is the perfect time to make adjustments to Jain Logic. This way, you take advantage of what you learned last year. During this session will learn what adjustments to make and how to make them.

Here are a few of the items we cover:

  1. How to adjust KC factors (New for 2022)
  2. How to change polygons and why it is important
  3. How to modify Irrigation system data attributes
  4. How to adjust root zone sums and average
Damien Jellen

Technical Sales Manager – Jain Monitoring and Control

I am alumni of Merced College where I studied in crop production. I have worked in farming since I graduated, studying and learning the best practices to better growers.

David Lindsey Headshot
David Lindsey

Territory Sales Manager – Jain Monitoring and Control

In 2015 after five years of retirement from the Navy, David started working with Agri-Valley Irrigation in their Precision Farm Water Department. In Early 2019 Jain Irrigation brought him to the Jain Logic team.

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