How To Compost The Right Way

April 13, 2022 12:00 pm
Laura Wilkinson

Master Composter

The average American throws out 4.5 pounds of trash every single day. It may not seem all that much, but with over 300 million people in the United States, that is roughly 728,000 tons of daily garbage. What makes this bad is over 70% of what goes into landfills could be recycled or used for compost.

Composting is the speeding up of the natural process of decomposition. The goal is to improve soil composition by returning useful waste back to your garden. Today many cities have prohibited green waste from your garbage. Now is the best time ever to learn the basics of composting.

Laura Wilkinson is a Master Composter, and she is joining us this week for a webinar. She is going to cover the basic how-to of composting. She will also cover hot or cold composting. Bokashi and vermiculture will be discussed too. Hear updates on composting in your yard, your green bins, and how vermiculture composting is a natural insect repellant and fertilizer. 

During this session, you will learn:

  1. The basics of how to compost
  2. What are some advanced techniques to use
  3. If bokashi or vermicomposting fits your garden
  4. Where to find valuable resources to make sure your garden waste is turned into garden gold
Laura Wilkinson

Master Composter

Laura Wilkinson is a Master Composter.  She was a radio and TV personality in the 80s in San Diego prior to her composting life. She worked for KCBQ, KPRI, and Channel 10. Today Laura works with local schools and low-income housing families on establishing backyard sustainable environments and composting.

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