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How to Drip Irrigate Hemp – 10 Key Steps to Grow a Successful Crop

Learn the most important steps to be successful

Can You Make Any Money Growing Hemp

A recent Cornell University analysis found profits ranged from $130 per acre to as high as $730 per acre for grain and fiber. Compared to soybeans at $200 or less per acre or depending on the market (sometimes a loss) hemp is attractive. Also, hemp grown for CBD ranges in the thousands of dollars per acre price range.

Kevin Stewart


Kevin Stewart is a Certified Irrigation Agriculture Specialist recognized by the Irrigation Association. He has spent 15 years in the field of irrigation and is passionate about water-use- efficiency through the advancements of drip and micro irrigation technology. Kevin believes irrigation and agriculture are some of the most important industries one can study, and enjoys communicating his message through social media and industry events. As a native to Idaho and outdoor enthusiast, Kevin enjoys the challenge of hiking and is an avid runner.

Kevin Stewart

Ag Sales Director | USA & Canada, Jain Irrigation Inc.