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How To Protect Trees During A Turf Conversion

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Andy Belingheri

National Sales Manager, JAIN IRRIGATION, INC

The replacement price of a mature tree can exceed $20,000, so you need to do everything you can to protect trees during a turf conversion.  A large, mature shade tree is the most valuable asset of any landscape and provides many important benefits.  

Trees reduce energy use by providing shade and evaporation cooling. They also add beauty, provide wildlife habitat, and sequester carbon.  Not only is it smart to preserve these valuable trees, but it is the responsibility of adept owners and landscape professionals to protect these high-value assets.
During this session you will learn:
  1. How to protect the tree’s root system during the conversion
  2. How much water to apply and where to apply it
  3. The consequences of damaged, cut-off tree roots.
  4. The proper irrigation products to use during the conversion.
Andy Belingheri

National Sales Manager, JAIN IRRIGATION, INC

Andy Belingheri is a 20 year landscape industry veteran with extensive experience in landscape maintenance, design and construction. He has a degree in Landscape & Urban Horticulture from BYU, is an ISA Certified Arborist and has built his career helping others find solutions to their landscape needs. As a native of the Nevada desert he understands the importance of water conservation and sustainable landscape practices. He also believes in well-thought-out landscape designs that have profound impacts on people. Andy enjoys all things plants and loves to help neighbors, relatives and friends in their landscape and garden efforts. He appreciates nature and loves being outdoors, especially camping, hiking, and fishing.