How To Use 5 Key Jain Unity Features With Simple Steps

April 28, 2021 12:00 pm

Jain Unity gives users (contractors, water managers, home, and building owners) direct access to view how much water the plants in their landscape require, along with real-time visibility to the efficiency of their irrigation system for eliminating water waste.

Jain Unity processes over a billion pieces of information hourly on how soil moisture responds to rain or irrigation events based on the different plant factors, soil types, weather, and environmental conditions at the site-specific location. 

Connecting to irrigation control that automatically acts upon this algorithm to implement the best strategies for minimizing water usage and managing nutrient loss fulfills AI and predictive analytics promises. 

A user’s ability to see and understand their water usage outdoors engages them directly in its conservation, reinforcing changes to their behavior that can add up to substantial cost savings while also contributing to more significant water resource savings for our communities and affordability.

In this session, you learn simple ways to use five of the key Jain Unity features.

  • How to set up and use flow sensing
  • How to confirm communications with the controller
  • How to suspend irrigation due to rain
  • What is a block day, and how you set it up
  • The value of water windows. 

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