How To Water Trees During A Drought

August 5, 2022 12:00 pm
Dennis Swartzell

Arborist – Horticulturist

Trees need special attention during and after droughts to keep them healthy. Trees are the most valuable asset to your landscape, and drought is a significant threat to your investment.

Most trees are planted in turf and watered only when the turf is watered. This is already a poor way to water your trees, and restrictions on how many days a week you can water make the situation worse. Trees are at risk, and their damage isn’t quickly noticeable. However, by the time you do notice, it is often too late.

Fortunately, we have Dennis Swartzell, a Board-Certified Master Arborist and former Landscape Director for UNLV, helping us learn the best ways to water trees during a drought.

During this webinar, you will learn:

  1. How concerned you should be about trees if you live in an area experiencing a drought.
  2.  If trees in water-restricted areas get enough water.
  3. The best way to hand water your trees.
  4. How deep should we water trees, and how to know if you wet the root zone
  5. The difference in watering mature and newly established trees.
  6. An easy method to determine how much water to give your trees.
  7. If you should be fertilizing during the drought. 
Dennis Swartzell

Arborist – Horticulturist

Dennis is a graduate of the University of Georgia with a Bachelor of Science degree in Agriculture with an emphasis in Floriculture. He is a Board-Certified Master Arborist.

Dennis’ previous experience includes greenhouse manager, park superintendent, arboretum and landscape director for UNLV, adjunct faculty member for the College of Southern Nevada, and marketing director for a large regional nursery, wholesale nursery broker and consulting arborist.

He is a principal of Horticulture Consultants Incorporated, a consulting firm founded in 1979 that specializes in diagnostics and troubleshooting, landscape assessments, tree inventories, preservation, and management programs.

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