Invest in Expert Water Management: Discover the ROI for HOAs and Commercial Properties

January 24, 2024 12:00 pm
Ralph Holt

President, Eco Verde Irrigation

Hiring a water management expert for an HOA or a large commercial property can be a significant step toward sustainability, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness for several reasons: 

Expertise in Water Conservation: Water management experts are skilled in the latest conservation techniques and technologies. They can implement advanced strategies that maximize water efficiency, helping to conserve a vital resource and align with environmental standards. 

Reduced Water Bills: Experts can significantly reduce water usage through system optimization, leading to lower utility bills. This is especially important for large properties where the scale of water use is extensive, and the potential savings are substantial. 

System Optimization: Water management specialists can optimize irrigation systems for peak performance. They ensure that the landscape receives adequate water without over-irrigation, which can lead to plant disease, erosion, and wasted resources. 

They also provide custom solutions to unique water needs, drought management, regulatory compliance, technology integration, preventative maintenance, education, and training, to name a few. 

During this webinar, Ralph Holt, a Certified Landscape Water Auditor (CLIA) and one of seven Certified Landscape Water Managers (CLWM) in the state of Arizona walks us through what steps HOAs and commercial properties can take to reduce their water bills and what it cost to have a water management expert save water.

During this webinar, you will learn: 

  1. How a water manager discovers ways to customize water management solutions for each property. 
  2. The ways good water managers help property landscapes remain attractive during drought. 
  3. How they stay informed on water regulations to avoid fines and stay in compliance. 
  4. The best ways they integrate smart irrigation technology. 
  5. Why proper input saves money in the form of proper maintenance.  
Ralph Holt

President, Eco Verde Irrigation

Ralph Holt not only is a father dedicated to his family and friends but will also challenge any prospective client and won’t give up until they understand how easy it is to have a smart and efficient irrigation system that can save time, water and money. 

Ralph has been working in the Landscape Irrigation Industry since 1996. His passion for water conservation and landscaping has taken him to where he is today. He is a Certified Landscape Water Auditor (CLIA) and he is ONE of 7 Certified Landscape Water Managers (CLWM) in the state of Arizona that is working in the field.



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