Jain Logic Hacks For A Successful Season Start-Up

April 1, 2022 12:00 pm
Connor Cunningham

Technical Sales & Project Manager – Jain Monitoring and Control

A hack refers to any tip or technique for improving performance or configuring hardware or software. This week, our presenters, Connor Cunningham and David Lindsey will share their best Hacks for Jain Logic software and hardware. Conner and David are power users of the software and have extensive knowledge of water management.

This combination makes their knowledge so valuable to users of Jain Logic as well as people considering automating their irrigation. This week our audience benefits from their years of experience using the software and hardware for irrigation automation.  

In this webinar, you will learn numerous tips and tricks to make sure your Jain Logic system is ready for the coming growing season.  

  1. We’ll cover tips on maximizing weather data and forecasts
  2. Review crop coefficient curves
  3. Learn important date settings as well as some refreshing updates on interpreting soil moisture information
  4.  In addition, you’ll learn some tricks on maintaining your sites to ensure optimum performance as the season heats up.


This is a must-see webinar for anyone who has or is thinking about irrigation automation.

Connor Cunningham Photo
Connor Cunningham

Technical Sales & Project Manager – Jain Monitoring and Control

Born and raised in the Central Valley; Connor completed his Biology degree at Fresno state. He has been working in the Ag tech and research spaces for the past 4 years developing various types of projects for a multitude of growers. These projects applied monitoring and control devices to both permanent and row crops across California. He joined the Jain team back in December of 2019 and is based in the Fresno area.

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