Managed Groups – A Game Changer for Saving Water and Time

April 8, 2022 12:00 pm
Mike Palumbo

Territory Sales Manager | Jain Irrigation, Inc.

Managing water accurately and consistently across multiple irrigation controllers is an age-old dilemma for landscapers. It’s a labor-intensive part of the upkeep of a healthy, well-manicured, and presentable landscape, requiring considerable time and resource costs.

Jain UNITY technology brings significant time savings and operational efficiencies to multi-controller management. Through your UNITY online account, you have smart, central access to simultaneously change the programming for groups of irrigation stations (zones) you choose across different controllers. Use these groups to effectively and directly change irrigation scheduling at the station (zone) level of your entire site, such as:

  1. Setting water budget percentage
  2. Setting target soil moisture depletion percentage
  3. Creating/adjusting/ending different schedule types
  4. Creating block days
  5. Modifying landscape settings, quick water programming adjustments

The fastest and easiest way for applying changes to a collection of similar stations (zones) across multiple controllers. For example, you’ve changed from spray heads to MP Rotators on your turf stations.

Use Manage Groups to identify all your turf stations on a site, and then make the same irrigation method change to all stations at once. 

During this session you will learn:

  1. The difference between smart and fixed groups
  2. How to create a smart of fixed group
  3. How smart and fixed groups save you time and water.


Mike Palumbo

Territory Sales Manager | Jain Irrigation, Inc

Michael is part of the Jain ETwater landscape team as the Regional Sales Manager for Southern California and Arizona. Michael comes to Jain with an extensive background in sales, irrigation and smart controller technology. He has key customer relationships in Southern CA in the construction and irrigation industries. Michael was the District Sales Manager for John Deere’s (now SiteOne)  “Green Tech” division with responsibility for selling and servicing smart irrigation controllers.  He also worked for Rain Bird Corporation in their Central Control Sales as a Training Specialist.  Mike’s knowledge of smart irrigation technology and relationships within this market segment is extensive. 

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Connor Cunningham Photo
Connor Cunningham

Technical Sales & Project Manager – Jain Monitoring and Control

Born and raised in the Central Valley; Connor completed his Biology degree at Fresno state. He has been working in the Ag tech and research spaces for the past 4 years developing various types of projects for a multitude of growers. These projects applied monitoring and control devices to both permanent and row crops across California. He joined the Jain team back in December of 2019 and is based in the Fresno area.