Mastering Precision Irrigation: Harnessing Soil Moisture Sensor Readings for Optimal Irrigation Scheduling

August 16, 2023 12:00 pm
Connor Cunningham

Territory Account Manager – Manna Irrigation

Water, the lifeblood of agriculture, is both precious and finite. In the pursuit of sustainable and efficient farming practices, harnessing the power of modern technology has become imperative.

Welcome to our webinar, where we delve into a game-changing approach to water management – Precision Irrigation, made possible through the use of soil moisture sensors. Soil moisture sensors are revolutionizing how growers irrigate, ensuring that no drop of water is wasted and every crop maximizes full potential. 

Unlocking Nature’s Insights: The Role of Soil Moisture Sensors: 

Imagine having the ability to peer beneath the surface of your fields and observe how much moisture is in the soil. Soil moisture sensors offer this remarkable window. These cutting-edge devices provide real-time data on soil moisture content, delivering valuable insights that empower growers with unprecedented precision. 

Picture the ability to tailor water delivery to each block, adjusting irrigation schedules based on actual soil conditions rather than guesswork or generalized guidelines. 

We’ll uncover here the secrets to mastering precision irrigation through the innovative use of soil moisture sensor readings. Your crops deserve nothing less; together, we’ll ensure they receive it.

Connor Cunningham Photo
Connor Cunningham

Technical Sales & Project Manager – Jain Monitoring and Control

Born and raised in the Central Valley; Connor completed his Biology degree at Fresno state. He has been working in the Ag tech and research spaces for the past 4 years developing various types of projects for a multitude of growers. These projects applied monitoring and control devices to both permanent and row crops across California. He joined the Jain team back in December of 2019 and is based in the Fresno area.

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