Mastering the Art of Seeding: Your Ultimate Guide to Success!

December 20, 2023 12:00 pm
Marinna Fuentes

Seed Specialist, Nature’s Seed

Seeding isn’t just about planting—it’s about precision, preparation, and results! This webinar helps you take the guesswork out of seeding. In our upcoming webinar, we’ll dive deep into the art and science of seeding, leaving no questions unanswered. Here’s a peek of what you can expect:

Quantity Matters: Discover the secret formula for calculating the seed you need for your project—no more guesswork—just perfect seeding every time.

Storing Seed for Success: Learn the ins and outs of seed storage to ensure your seeds remain viable and thrive when ready to plant.

Matching Seed to Region: Understand which seeds thrive best in your region. Whether in the heartland or the mountains, we’ve got you covered.

Unveiling Purity: Get the inside scoop on ensuring your seeds are pure, free from unwanted fillers, and packed with potential.

Resources at Your Fingertips: Discover where to access the most reliable information about seeds and regional planting recommendations.

Seeding is the foundation of your agricultural and gardening success, and we’re here to ensure you get it right. Our webinar offers you the following:

Expert Guidance: Learn from a seasoned professional who has mastered the art of seeding.

Practical Tips: Walk away with actionable insights and tips you can implement immediately.

Confidence Boost: Bid farewell to seeding uncertainty and welcome a new era of confidence in your growing practices.

Resource Hub: Access valuable resources and references to support your journey to seeding excellence.

Take advantage of this exclusive opportunity to elevate your seeding game. 

Marinna Fuentes

Seed Specialist, Nature’s Seed

Marinna Fuentes is the Seed Specialist at Nature’s Seed, which is a part of the Native Seed Group. She is also a master gardener and an online student currently working on my Crop & Soil Science BS at Oregon State University with a concentration in agronomy and a minor in Environmental Science. Marinna’s passions include seeds, soil, and plants. She has an extensive seed collection at home that she’s quite proud of. In her spare time, Marinna starts crops from seed, reads murder mysteries, watches horror films, does a lot of homework, and spends time in the backyard with my two dogs (North and Lady) and her partner. 

Marinna loves being outside and learning more about plant species and how we can create harmonious bonds within our ecosystems. She’s interested in regenerative agriculture, ecological and soil restoration, native and wildfire-resistant plants, and wetland restoration. A California native, Marinna moved to Utah at the end of 2021.

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