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Performing A Distribution Uniformity Test For Irrigation And Identifying Areas For Improvement

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Dr. Franklin Gaudi


Distribution uniformity is a starting point for irrigation scheduling and an excellent place to start looking for ways to reduce water use. 

Understanding Distribution Uniformity, knowing how to measure it, and understanding the potential pitfalls make you a better water manager. 

This Friday, Dr. Franklin Gaudi, from the Irrigation Training and Research Center at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, provides an overview and specifics of distribution uniformity. 

Definitions and evaluation techniques are emphasized in this lunch and learn, ranging from how to take a pressure measurement to what specific measurements are needed for evaluation. 

Several irrigation methods will be discussed. Irrigation systems can be “tuned up” to conserve water and power and maintain adequate surface water and groundwater qualities. 

This lunch and learn helps you determine which tune-up technique meets your specific situation. The techniques and programs covered are the standard used for DWR-funded evaluation projects throughout California.

ITRC is a center of excellence housed within the BioResource and Agricultural Engineering (BRAE) Department of California Polytechnic State University (Cal Poly) in San Luis Obispo. The linkage to the BRAE Department is unique among irrigation centers – ITRC’s organization was specifically developed to ensure long-term positive benefits to Cal Poly’s academic irrigation teaching program – which provides long-term benefits to California and the nation.

What you will learn during this session:

  1. Understand the meaning of distribution uniformity and why it is important
  2. Common problems measuring distribution uniformity
  3. A demonstration of a program to measure distribution uniformity
  4. How to interpret results and make improvements

Please join us Friday, November 13, at noon PST for this informative session.

Dr. Franklin Gaudi


Dr. Gaudi holds certifications through the Irrigation Association (IA) as a Certified Irrigation Designer (CID) in surface, drip/micro, and sprinkler, as a Certified Irrigation Contractor (CIC), and as a Certified Agricultural Irrigation Specialist (CAIS).  He is a former member of the Irrigation Association Certification Board where he assisted with maintaining existing certifications and developing new certifications.  Dr. Gaudi is also recognized through the American Society of Agronomy (ASA) as a Certified Crop Advisor.  

Dr. Gaudi’s current areas of interest are utilizing domestic wastewater for agricultural forage crops and landscape irrigation design and auditing.  Through research and projects at the ITRC, Dr. Gaudi is able to bring experience including real-world problems and solutions into the classroom.