Revolutionizing Ag Water Management with Manna and JAIN Logic

April 19, 2023 12:00 pm
Ryan McNeish
Ryan McNeish

Head of US Operations, Manna Irrigation

As part of the Rivulis and Jain Irrigation merger, Jain Logic, and Manna Irrigation are now officially one company under the name Manna Irrigation.  Although we have undergone a name change, our commitment to providing exceptional service to our customers remains as strong as ever. Existing users of both platforms will receive the same products and services as before and now have additional capabilities.  

Through the merger of the teams and the combination of in-field data and automation from Jain Logic with the remote sensing and analytics from Manna, growers and our business partners will benefit from an integrated irrigation management approach. This includes crop monitoring, irrigation monitoring, forecasting, irrigation and farm operation decision support, and remote control and automation.

As growers have different needs, Manna Irrigation will offer the ability to select the right solution for their unique needs through a multi-tiered offering.

My guest is Ryan McNeishco-founder of PureSense (acquired by Jain) and VP of Technology for Jain Logic, who will lead the US operations of Manna Irrigation.

During this webinar, you will learn:

  1. What the merger means to current Jain Logic customers
  2. How the expanded team will help deliver new products and services
  3. How Manna and Jain Logic are more powerful as a combined product
  4. The increased support and resources moving forward
  5. Who to contact with questions
  6. Where to purchase products
Ryan McNeish

Head of US Operations, Manna Irrigation

A proven software architect and leader with over 19 years of overall experience in software engineering design, and quality assurance, Ryan has been developing applications in Visual Studio for over 12 years. Most currently he has been working with modern frameworks like jQuery and Knockout, but also has extensive development and administration expertise in SQL Server, thriving on efficient code and database design. Ryan has led Scrum software development teams and has experience building SaaS solutions to meet ever changing customer needs. He truly enjoys being close to the technology, and is happiest when deeply involved with the team trying to solve complex technical challenges.

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