Selling Commercial Landscape Irrigation

September 24, 2021 12:00 pm
Michael Derewenko

Irrigation Solutions Manager

Stacey Sturnot

QAL, LICM Excecutive Operations Manager, LUSA Landscapes USA

While a commercial landscape irrigation system may rest below the ground, the landscape is insightful and relies on a solid water delivery system. With water shortages constantly threatening the West Coast and consistent rains on the East Coast, landscape companies are continually trying to find innovative ways to sell irrigation to their commercial customers.

Join us this week to hear Michael Derewenko and Stacey Sturnot discuss how JAIN and Landscapes USA brought the right solutions to customers in exciting times. 

We’ll spotlight a few successful projects that brought ancillary opportunities to Landscapes USA, all stemming from initial irrigation challenges.

During this session you will learn:

  1. How to make an overall evaluation of an irrigation system
  2. How to determine which recommendations will provide the best paybacks to customers
  3. What presentations work best for irrigation upgrades
  4. How irrigation upgrades drive additional business to your company.

We look forward to seeing you on Friday.

Michael Derewenko
Michael Derewenko

Marketing Manager, JAIN IRRIGGATION INC.

Hailing from Central Florida Michael Derewenko has been in the irrigation industry since age 15. Beginning his career working for his father’s large commercial landscape company Michael quickly learned the importance of irrigating landscapes efficiently and effectively. With a strong background in pumps, two-wire systems and irrigation design, there is not much in irrigation that Michael hasn’t encountered. Now operating in Southern California as a Territory Sales Manager with Jain Irrigation, Michael is applying his vast knowledge of conservation-based products and experience in product development to a region that is in dire need of water resource management.

Stacey Sturnot


Stacey has 27 years of experience in the Green Industry and a degree in Landscape Horticulture- Design/Construction. She began her career as a mow-crew member and a nursery grower in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Stacey served for over nine years on the Board for San Diego Chapter California Landscape Contractors Association, including President for two years. Stacey holds multiple landscape and irrigation certifications including Landscape Industry Certified Manager and a Qualified Applicators License.   She is a self-proclaimed “plant-nerd” that loves wine-tasting, running, and yoga, and as a certified yoga instructor, Stacey teaches in her spare time.

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