Smart Irrigation for Agriculture Leads to More Efficient Carbon Capture

July 15, 2022 12:00 pm
Jim Lauria

Vice President of Sales & Marketing at Mazzei Injector Company

Farmers can capture a vast amount of atmospheric carbon in their crops and soils…if they have the water to do it. Many plans to reverse greenhouse gas emissions—such as the one described in Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory’s 2020 report on California’s efforts, “Getting to Neutral”—largely ignore agriculture.

There are two keys to unlocking California’s massive carbon-capturing resource: agricultural technology and connecting with farmers. Irrigation #Agtech represents a broad range of approaches, from buried sensors in the soil to satellite monitoring technology and a wide array of tools in between. Smart irrigation is a game-changer when it comes to carbon capture.

This presentation will examine the trends in the smart irrigation industry and how you can benefit from them.

Jim Lauria


Jim Lauria is a leader in the water treatment field with a proven track record of revenue growth, profit improvement, and new business development. Since graduating with a Bachelor of Chemical Engineering degree from Manhattan College, he has traveled the world benchmarking and documenting the best global water management practices.

Jim lives in San Francisco with his wife, Laurie Lauria, who fills his life with love, laughter, and alliteration.

While living in Hong Kong, Jim did a trains, planes, and automobiles tour of China visiting breweries, oil refineries, and water treatment plants to direct a $45 million investment in Chinese mining operations. In 2004 he provided peer review for the World Health Organization’s publication on drinking water treatment making him a Who’s Who of WHO.

As a writer, Jim has published feature and cover articles for most of the leading water industry publications in the U.S. and many top international magazines. His blog posts have received accolades from all levels of industry and government.

Besides publishing numerous works on water, his book “How to Get Your Money Back From Big Companies”, is an effective and humorous guide to getting restitution for botched customer service and defective products.

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