Soil Surfactants What Are They And How Do They Work

February 16, 2022 12:00 pm
Mike Terry

CA/AZ account manager, Precision Laboratories

Especially during times of drought, getting the most out of every drop of water is critical. Soil surfactants provide an opportunity to reduce water runoff and keep water and nutrients in the root zone longer.

Soil surfactants assist with better use of water in soil and plants. This optimization of water usage can lead to significant savings. Plus, using less water is good for the environment. Surfactants help water by penetrating clay soils, increasing moisture in dry soils, draining waterlogged soil, and increasing soil oxygen in hydric soils. Is this all too good to be true? Join us on Wednesday to find out.

During this webinar, you will learn:

  1. What a soil surfactant is.
  2. How surfactants work.
  3. What type of soil they work best with.
  4. How they save water.
  5. How to apply surfactants.
  6. How quickly are results seen.
  7. The total cost of surfactants.


We also provide opportunities to win free surfactant products during this webinar with your questions.

Mike Terry

CA/AZ account manager, Precision Laboratories

Mike Terry is the CA/AZ account manager for Precision Laboratories and lead for Irrigation Water Optimizers (IWO) Mike is a licensed PCA/CCA and has been in the industry for 15 years mainly working in the vegetable markets in southern deserts and Mexico, Mike sits on his local water board in the Coachella Valley along with the state CAPCA board. 

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Ben Kaufman

Vice President of Agroecology & Mycology, AgriTech

Ben has been designing CEA and regenerative agriculture systems since 2008, when he and his father first founded Shibumi Farms in Princeton, New Jersey (which quickly became one of the most successful mushroom farms in the nation).

As an experienced agroecologist, mycologist, chef, and award-winning sommelier, Ben has grown and sold some of the world’s best ingredients to the world’s best restaurants, vinified wines (including Sfuso di Barano), brewed craft beers, served as the Director and/or General Manager for several prominent restaurants and beverage companies, and had his brands and products featured in Food & Wine Magazine, Popular Mechanics, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and The New Yorker, among others.

Ben uses his agri-food experiences to help Vertical AgriTech develop efficient and sustainable technologies designed for the future of modern farming, and optimized for a wide range of agricultural applications. 

Ben attended Cook College at Rutgers University where he graduated with his BS in Biology. He resides in Huntington, Long Island, with his spouse Andrea, his daughter Nora, his dog Mufasa, and his two cats Keidis and Clementine. Ben is an inspired photographer, an imaginative chef, and an artistic farmer who is looking forward to traveling somewhere warm.