Three Key Benefits Of Using Vinyl Tubing For Indoor Growing

October 5, 2022 12:00 pm
Michael Derewenko

Irrigation Solutions Manager

There are many choices in tubing for your indoor grow, but selecting the correct tubing can make a difference in both labor and yield.

Vinyl tubing is manufactured using polyvinyl chloride. Polyethylene tubing is also used for drip irrigation, and understanding the difference between the two will makes better indoor growers. There are critical differences between both, from a practical side and a technical side, and there are advantages.

During this webinar, you will learn:

  1. The difference between polyvinyl tubing and polyethylene tubing
  2. The benefits of using vinyl tubing for indoor growing
  3. Are there concerns about prop 65 compliance and food grade tubing
  4. Where you can purchase vinyl tubing for indoor growing
Michael Derewenko
Michael Derewenko

Marketing Manager, JAIN IRRIGGATION INC.

Hailing from Central Florida Michael Derewenko has been in the irrigation industry since age 15. Beginning his career working for his father’s large commercial landscape company Michael quickly learned the importance of irrigating landscapes efficiently and effectively. With a strong background in pumps, two-wire systems and irrigation design, there is not much in irrigation that Michael hasn’t encountered. Now operating in Southern California as a Territory Sales Manager with Jain Irrigation, Michael is applying his vast knowledge of conservation-based products and experience in product development to a region that is in dire need of water resource management.

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