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WEBINAR Training Series

Top 10 Factors For A Good Ag Irrigation Design

In this session you will learn key factors to consider when designing a micro irrigation solution.
You will hear about the software Perry uses and why. Attendees will learn good goals for proper irrigation design, and terms and definitions to make your design experience better.
This is for designers, users and owners of agricultural irrigation systems.


Perry Continente, owner of Precision Irrigation West will be our featured speaker for this week’s webinar on Drip Irrigation Design.  Perry is from Brentwood, CA and has 35 years of drip and micro irrigation experience.  Perry has worked for many companies in the drip industry and has held several leadership positions in Technical Services, Sales, and Product Management throughout his career.

Perry graduated from Cal Poly with a degree in Ag Engineering/Technology and is a certified Irrigation Designer in Drip Irrigation, a member of the Irrigation Association, and has been an authorized instructor since 2000.

In addition to his many years of education and industry knowledge, Perry has farmed for many years and has the opportunity to apply what he’s learned to a practical use in his farming experience

Perry Continente

Owner | Precision Irrigation WEST