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Transformational Irrigation Technologies for 2020​

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Aric Olson


Irrigation technologies are present in Agriculture, Landscape, Nursery/GH, Golf, and Mining. Incredible advancements are happening in each of these industry segments. Some of the tools and technologies in one specific sector may be utilized, all or in part in another segment, to help us save water or grow better crops with fewer resources.

Please join Aric Olson, President at Jain Irrigation and AgTech visionary, to learn about technology trends that will increase in 2020 and beyond. He provides a framework for where technologies have come from and how they can be applied to other market segments. Aric and Jain Irrigation, due to their technology acquisitions across multiple segments over the past few years, are in the perfect position to see the future of irrigation.

Aric Olson


Aric Olson, the president of Jain Irrigation, Inc. (Fresno, CA) has a B.S. in Chemical Engineering and a Masters of Business Administration to go along with 15+ years of manufacturing company experience. He is a certified Six-Sigma Black Belt and Manager of Quality/Operational Excellence from the American Society of Quality. Additionally, he is a Certified Agricultural Irrigation Specialist and Certified Irrigation Designer by the Irrigation Association.