Two Reports That Make Water Management A Snap

July 27, 2022 12:00 pm
DJ Caldwell


Sometimes reducing complex situations to basics makes them easier to understand and manage. For example, basketball is a difficult sport, but the goal is to move the ball into the basket. Water management is also a complex process, but breaking it down to the basics means the goal is to replace the amount of water used by evapotranspiration.

Jain Unity has a report created with just the click of a mouse showing how much water was applied for the day, week, month, or year compared to ET. This report is eye-opening for water managers. It is a key performance indicator for every water manager and so easy to generate.  So simple.

In tandem with the over or under-report, using the landscape report regularly ensures the proper configuration of your irrigation and landscape is reflected in your programming. With a click of a button, the landscape report shows exactly each station configuration, what is being watered, and how. Changes in the field are not always reflected in the programming; checking this regularly ensures better water management.

During this webinar, you will learn:

  1. Where to find the over/under report
  2. What the data in the report reflects
  3. How to use this report to save water 
  4. How to share this report with property owners, and HOA managers
  5. Where to find the landscape report
  6. How to use the landscape report to manage water better.


DJ Caldwell


DJ Caldwell has been a Regional Sales Manager at Jain ETwater since 2016 for the Colorado, Utah, Wyoming, Montana, and New Mexico territories. He came to ETwater from CPS Distributors, Inc. (Colorado Pump & Supply), the largest wholesale distributor of pump, irrigation, and landscape supplies in the Rocky Mountain Region, where he held positions in branch management and outside sales. Prior to that he was the Irrigation Division Manager for Environmental Designs Inc., a company specializing in landscape design, construction and maintenance based in Henderson, Colorado.

“Because they provided both a superior service to the landscape contractors and substantial water savings for our customers, ETwater became the preferred weather-based smart irrigation controllers when I was at Environmental Designs. Even throughout some of the hottest years on record in Colorado we were able to keep our customers’ properties looking great while still consistently saving them water with their web-based water management system. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed being part of the ETwater team and working with my customers and distributors in the region to support their success in water management.”

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