Using Mobile Applications To Accelerate Spring Start-Ups

March 25, 2022 12:00 pm
DJ Caldwell


It’s spring and time to turn on irrigation systems and start watering again. However, taking a few key steps before starting your systems can make a big difference in the performance and life of your system.

Labor is tight again this year, and using technology instead of labor creates a significant profit change for you. There are plenty of instructions on how to perform a spring start-up, and what’s different about ours is you will labor savings processes using the Jain Unity mobile software that runs on your phone or tablet.

In addition, Jain Unity released some significant time savings additions to the software, so you don’t want to miss this informative session. During this session, you will learn:

  1. How to use these popular wet check features
  2. Wet Check features
  3. A tap on a station will activate the valve for watering.
    • A tap on a station that is watering will stop the watering.
    • While a station is watering, a tap on another station will stop the current station and start watering for a new station.
    • ‘Next station’ button will cycle through stations.
  4.  How to read controller watering schedules in Mobile UI.
  5. How to flag a zone and add comments to make ordering parts even more effortless.
  6. The best way to manage your spring start-up


DJ Caldwell


DJ Caldwell has been a Regional Sales Manager at Jain ETwater since 2016 for the Colorado, Utah, Wyoming, Montana, and New Mexico territories. He came to ETwater from CPS Distributors, Inc. (Colorado Pump & Supply), the largest wholesale distributor of pump, irrigation, and landscape supplies in the Rocky Mountain Region, where he held positions in branch management and outside sales. Prior to that he was the Irrigation Division Manager for Environmental Designs Inc., a company specializing in landscape design, construction and maintenance based in Henderson, Colorado.

“Because they provided both a superior service to the landscape contractors and substantial water savings for our customers, ETwater became the preferred weather-based smart irrigation controllers when I was at Environmental Designs. Even throughout some of the hottest years on record in Colorado we were able to keep our customers’ properties looking great while still consistently saving them water with their web-based water management system. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed being part of the ETwater team and working with my customers and distributors in the region to support their success in water management.”

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