Water Treatment for Microirrigation

June 14, 2023 12:00 pm
Cory Broad

Agronomic Sales Manager, AvidWater

Learn about the crucial role of water treatment in optimizing microirrigation systems. As water scarcity and quality concerns persist, exploring practical solutions that maximize the efficiency and longevity of micro-irrigation setups is imperative.

In this webinar, Cory Broad will navigate the intricacies of water treatment technologies tailored specifically for microirrigation, addressing key topics such as filtration methods, chemical treatments, and sustainable practices. You will gain valuable insights and practical knowledge to enhance your understanding of water treatment’s significance in microirrigation.

During this webinar, you will learn:

  1. The importance of a water treatment
  2. How the different treatment methods impact the efficacy of ag water treatment
  3. Key considerations when selecting an appropriate water treatment system considering factors like water source, crop type, and regional regulations
  4. Innovative and sustainable approaches to ag water treatment 
Cory Broad

Territory Sales Manager - Product Manager

Cory is a Certified Crop Adviser, Certified Irrigation Designer, and Certified Ag Irrigation Specialist.  Cory is a lifelong resident of the Central Valley and specializes in helping agricultural producers achieve maximum production while minimizing water-use.

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