What Leonardo da Vinci Teaches Us About Water

March 4, 2022 12:00 pm
Jim Lauria

Vice President of Sales & Marketing at Mazzei Injector Company

Leonardo da Vinci is widely regarded as one of the most brilliant geniuses in history. His expertise spanned several areas including painting, sculpture, architecture, engineering, anatomy, and literature

Most of his paintings featured water, from his first painting of the bucolic Arno River to his final deluge drawings. (That included the Mona Lisa, which scholars believe portrays the Trebbia River in the background—a detail almost as mysterious as subject Lisa Gherardini’s famously cryptic smile.)

Leonardo was fascinated by water, observing that, unlike air, it cannot be compressed or that flowing water constantly undergoes perfect geometric transformations.

He recognized the relationship between flow speed and pressure in the water, principles that underlie airplane wings and venturi injectors. 

He also taught infrastructure matters when it comes to water, how to harness the power of water, and the importance of water study. This Friday, as irrigation season comes to a start, Jim Lauria joins us to celebrate Leonardo da Vinci’s contributions to water.

During this session, you will learn:

  1. How to be a better advocate for water conservation
  2. How the plague contributed to water designs for the modern world
  3. The importance of water for National Defense
  4. How Leonardo’s studies shaped today’s views of the hydrological cycle 
Jim Lauria


Jim Lauria is a leader in the water treatment field with a proven track record of revenue growth, profit improvement, and new business development. Since graduating with a Bachelor of Chemical Engineering degree from Manhattan College, he has traveled the world benchmarking and documenting the best global water management practices.

Jim lives in San Francisco with his wife, Laurie Lauria, who fills his life with love, laughter, and alliteration.

While living in Hong Kong, Jim did a trains, planes, and automobiles tour of China visiting breweries, oil refineries, and water treatment plants to direct a $45 million investment in Chinese mining operations. In 2004 he provided peer review for the World Health Organization’s publication on drinking water treatment making him a Who’s Who of WHO.

As a writer, Jim has published feature and cover articles for most of the leading water industry publications in the U.S. and many top international magazines. His blog posts have received accolades from all levels of industry and government.

Besides publishing numerous works on water, his book “How to Get Your Money Back From Big Companies”, is an effective and humorous guide to getting restitution for botched customer service and defective products.

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