When It Comes to Water, California is the Canary in the Gold Mine

March 15, 2023 12:00 pm
Jim Lauria

Vice President of Sales & Marketing at Mazzei Injector Company

The Golden State has been on the cutting edge of water management since statehood. Some moves have been bold but foolish—for instance, hydraulic miners blasting away mountainsides into mud floes they sluiced for gold.

Others have been nothing short of spectacular, like the state and federal water projects that convey water from the north part of the state to the rich farms and teeming communities of the southern part:

  • Farmers have adopted countless miles of drip tape and microemitter line to boost irrigation efficiency.
  • The Carlsbad desalination plant has produced 100 billion gallons of drinking water from seawater over the past 7 years.
  • Pure Water Monterey treats agricultural irrigation return flows, domestic wastewater, food processing wash water and stormwater to drinking water standards, then pumps it into the ground to recharge the groundwater.
  • The world’s largest water recycling plant is pumping fresh water into Orange County’s aquifer to prevent saltwater intrusion from the Pacific. 

In this episode Jim Lauria discusses these and other innovative initiatives and what made them unique as benchmark projects in the technologies they used and the results that have been achieved.

Jim Lauria


Jim Lauria is a leader in the water treatment field with a proven track record of revenue growth, profit improvement, and new business development. Since graduating with a Bachelor of Chemical Engineering degree from Manhattan College, he has traveled the world benchmarking and documenting the best global water management practices.

Jim lives in San Francisco with his wife, Laurie Lauria, who fills his life with love, laughter, and alliteration.

While living in Hong Kong, Jim did a trains, planes, and automobiles tour of China visiting breweries, oil refineries, and water treatment plants to direct a $45 million investment in Chinese mining operations. In 2004 he provided peer review for the World Health Organization’s publication on drinking water treatment making him a Who’s Who of WHO.

As a writer, Jim has published feature and cover articles for most of the leading water industry publications in the U.S. and many top international magazines. His blog posts have received accolades from all levels of industry and government.

Besides publishing numerous works on water, his book “How to Get Your Money Back From Big Companies”, is an effective and humorous guide to getting restitution for botched customer service and defective products.

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