New feature! Track how much you’re spending on irrigation

  • View how much you’re spending on irrigation daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly. See your costs and usage by total site, per controller or individual irrigation station/zone.
  • Requires either a connected flow sensor or manually entered gallons per minute (GPM) amount per station for measurement of the amount of water running through the irrigation system.
  • Enter your cost rate information (by HCF/CCF, KGAL or GAL) according to what’s on your water bill with most common fixed-rate regular recurring, tiered, or seasonal tiered water utility pricing models.
  • Includes all cost data from any scheduled irrigation, as well as manual, ‘instant watering’ or excess water usage that may be a result of system breaks, leaks or the like.
  • Go to Unity Reporting to get downloadable excel CSV reports according to how you’ve setup your WATER COST tracking, with a connected flow sensor or custom GPM station values.



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