This Wednesday, March 1st Free 2023 Irrigation Training Series webinars

Spring Into Action March 2023 Irrigation Training

Spring is just around the corner and you still have time to get your trees ready for the growing season.  The steps you take today toward improving the health of your trees will pay off tremendously in the Spring and Summer.

This week Dennis Swartzell, principal of Horticulture Consultants Incorporated, a consulting firm founded in 1979 that specializes in diagnostics and troubleshooting, landscape assessments, tree inventories, preservation, and management programs will step us through some basic steps to take with your trees to ensure a successful growing season.

During this webinar, you will learn the following:

  1. How to make sure our trees have the correct nutrition before the season starts
  2. If pruning is appropriate before the season starts
  3. What to do for trees to help them battle the high winds
  4. Learn how to know if there is salt in the soil and what to do about it.
  5. Should you paint your tree trucks
  6. How to get ahead of insects before the season starts

We look forward to seeing you Wednesday. Register now here. JAIN Irrigation Training Series webinars are Always Free.


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