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Streamlining Customer Communication Transitioning to Daily Water Use Updates Unity dash

Effective and efficient communication is vital in today’s digital age, where we often feel overwhelmed with information. We understand that receiving multiple emails throughout the day can be overwhelming, which is why we’re changing how we provide valuable information about your irrigation system.

During this webinar, we’ll walk you through our new approach of condensing multiple email alerts into one daily email. In addition, the one report can provide information on all the properties where you manage water.

There are 16 types of irrigation alerts JAIN Unity is continuously watching concerning your irrigation system and landscaping. We’ll provide tips and best practices on maximizing the value of the daily water usage email, including how to set up personalized alerts, analyze trends, and optimize your water management practices. And we’ll review what the alerts mean and the steps needed after a problem is identified.

During this webinar, you will learn:

  1. How to read the Irrigation Daily Digest Report
  2. How to include all your properties in one report 
  3. Learn what the alerts mean and how to respond to them 
  4. What steps to take to maximize the value of the information 

We look forward to seeing you on Wednesday. Register now here. JAIN Irrigation Training Series webinars are Always Free.


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