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Jain Irrigation’s online training service is designed for agriculture dealers, landscape distributors, contractors and other irrigation professional. Jain wants to help you make the most of this uncertain time.

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Training Archives

Discover our recorded webinar training archives. 

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JAIN Growroom Solutions

WEBINAR Training Series JAIN Growroom Solutions Watch Now For Free View Training Library Growing plants inside can be a challenge, we’d like to shine some

Jain Irrigation

Placement and Sizing of Air Vents

WEBINAR Training Series Placement and Sizing of Air Vents Watch Now For Free View Training Library Learn the importance and benefit of using air vents

Jain Irrigation

What Makes A Smart Controller Smart

WEBINAR Training Series What Makes A Smart Controller Smart Watch Now For Free View Training Library We will answer some of the most important questions

Jain Irrigation

Agriculture Panel Discussion

WEBINAR Training Series Agriculture Panel Discussion Watch Now For Free View Training Library Get answers to the most important questions in agriculture: How does the

Jain Irrigation

The Components of a Drip Irrigation System

In this week’s training we’ll be reviewing and discussing the key components of a drip irrigation system. We welcome seasoned contractors looking to freshen up and amateurs that want to learn more about what comprises a highly efficient system. 

Starting with valves and covering the expanse of filtration, pressure regulation and emitterline, we look forward to fielding your questions after this 30 minute session.

Jain Irrigation

Irrigation Optimization Using Remotely Sensed ETc and Soil Moisture Monitoring​

The definition of Irrigation Optimization could be hotly debated by academics, growers, agronomists and irrigation industry experts. This short seminar will present a simple definition with a practical strategy using ETc and soil moisture data to sustainably apply irrigation water in frequency and duration to precisely match soil properties with plant water consumption. Actual grower examples of achieving water savings of 15% to over 30% will be presented using these strategies.

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