Our Vision

To lead the mass adoption of micro irrigation globally by increasing accessibility to all growers everywhere through simple, affordable and smart technology for a more sustainable future for all.


About Us

Rivulis has a strong global presence, including 24 manufacturing facilities, 3,000 employees, 3 R&D centers (in Israel, Greece and California) and multiple Design Centers.

We work with over 6,000 partners & 7,000 growers worldwide to provide full turnkey micro irrigations solutions for any, and all, grower needs from the individual grower to large corporate plantations in the agriculture, horticulture, greenhouse and mining industries.

What’s in a Name? We chose the name Rivulis as it stems from the Latin word for a small stream or river and as a company, we provide smart irrigation in its purest natural form — a river of life-giving hydration, bringing sustenance to crops.

Our History

Rivulis has a rich history in the irrigation industry with more than 80 years of expertise developing, manufacturing and deploying micro irrigation products and solutions.

Starting in Israel, Rivulis has grown over the years to become a global irrigation leader, expanding our drip irrigation and micro irrigation capabilities, market coverage and operational scale through the merger of five leading players: Plastro, T-Systems, Roberts Irrigation, Eurodrip and NaanDanJain (JAIN in the USA). Rivulis is owned by Temasek and Jain Irrigation Systems.

Our 3 Core Values

Rivulis is built on 3 core values: ACCESSIBLE. PARTNERSHIP. INNOVATION.

We are committed to helping growers GROW BEYOND

GROW BEYOND their highest expectations season after season.

GROW BEYOND to greater yield, improved quality and greater profitability.

GROW BEYOND to a more sustainable future for your farm, your family and the multitudes of people that you feed.

Our Product Lines

Rivulis – Built upon the foundations of industry pioneers T-Systems, Roberts Irrigation and Plastro, the Rivulis product portfolio includes world-class drip tapes, drip lines, online drippers, sprinklers, sprays, filters, valves, fertigation and automation.

NaanDanJain and JAIN – With a legacy dating back to 1937, NaanDanJain (JAIN) offer the comprehensive portfolio of irrigation water emission products including drip tapes, drip lines, online drippers, combined with the industry’s leading range of micro sprinklers, micro jets, foggers, misters, and sprinklers.  

Eurodrip – High performance drip lines that deliver value solutions you can depend upon season after season.

Our Global Footprint

We have a global footprint with sales offices and manufacturing facilities around the world.

We are continuously investing in our manufacturing technology and facilities. We have 24 factories and are still growing!

RIVULIS Global Factory Mao

Thank you for your interest in JAIN by Rivulis. We are here to help you GROW BEYOND. Please fill out the form for any sales and support requests and we will get back to you ASAP.