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Our products are critical to the benefit and livelihood of our customers. Our great breadth of products and services are premium based and future oriented.
Jain offers comprehensive irrigation products and services, international reach, local points of contact, and competitive pricing; a combination that makes us a leader in the irrigation industry.
The name Jain Irrigation, Inc. reflects our strategy to grow as a provider of quality water handling systems through acquisition and development of proprietary branded products.

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Daily IRR Cost of Water title card
Kevin Heverin

Daily Irrigation Cost of Water Tracking With JAIN Unity

Knowing how much irrigation costs is essential to water efficiency as how much you’re using. In this webinar see the next evolution in smart irrigation controllers with the release of water cost tracking in the JAIN Unity automatic irrigation system.

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SWIIM webinar
Kevin Heverin

How SWIIM On-farm Water Accounting Saves Water

SWIIM stands for Sustainable Water and Innovative Irrigation Management and is a patented process developed with the help of the USDA. Find out in this webinar how it accounts for Ag water usage with the same precision as a CPA reconciles finances.

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