Freight Policy

We have also updated our shipping policy (effective immediately on new orders placed after 7/6/2022) to reflect the current cost reality for shipping our products. You can find the new freight policy here.

  • Emitterline, Layflat, Oval Hose, IPS and Tubing, Micro Tubing
    • All California
      • PPD on shipments $12,000+ or full TL
      • 2% allowance $1,000+
    • Extended Freight (Nationwide)
      • 3% allowance $1,000+
  • Compact Coils (Amnon & Top Drip)
    • Nationwide
      • PPD on Full TL shipments
  • Drip Tape (Cascade, Chapin, Turbo Tape, Top Drip Tape)
    • All California
      • PPD on 8+ pallets
      • 2% allowance on 2+ pallets
    • Northeast & Southeast
      • PPD on 8+ pallets from Watertown, NY
      • 2% allowance on 2+ pallets
    • Extended Freight (Nationwide)
      • PPD on TL shipment with up to 2 drops within 100 miles
      • 3% allowance 2+ pallets
  • Hard Goods (Accessories, Emission Devices, Fittings, Filters)
    • Nationwide
      • PPD on $10,000+
      • 7% allowance on $5,000+
      • 5% allowance on $1,000+


  • % Freight allowance is based off the total invoice dollar amount (Not to exceed the actual cost of freight)
  • Freight quote is a good faith estimate, all freight will be billed based on actual cost
  • Truckload minimums defined by operations at order
  • Truckloads are defined by fully loaded 53’ dry-box van, or as equipment is equipped if less
  • No freight allowance on Will Calls
  • Freight policy applies to shipments within the contiguous US 48 States (Hawaii & Puerto Rico not included), freight beyond this geography is the responsibility of the purchasing party
  • All PPD freight is subject to two-day lead-time for economic booking (3pm PST cutoff)
  • Next day shipments (12pm PST cutoff)
  • 1,000-ft coils or less for drip tape not included in pallet minimums
  • Truckload drip tape orders are allowed up to 2 drops within 100 miles from the manufacturing location

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