Freight Policy

We have also updated our shipping policy (effective immediately on new orders placed after 7/6/2022) to reflect the current cost reality for shipping our products. You can find the new freight policy here.

  • Emitterline, Layflat, Oval Hose, IPS and Tubing, Micro Tubing
    • All California
      • PPD on shipments $12,000+ or full TL
      • 2% allowance $1,000+
    • Extended Freight (Nationwide)
      • 3% allowance $1,000+
  • Compact Coils (Amnon & Top Drip)
    • Nationwide
      • PPD on Full TL shipments
  • Drip Tape (Cascade, Chapin, Turbo Tape, Top Drip Tape)
    • All California
      • PPD on 8+ pallets
      • 2% allowance on 2+ pallets
    • Northeast & Southeast
      • PPD on 8+ pallets from Watertown, NY
      • 2% allowance on 2+ pallets
    • Extended Freight (Nationwide)
      • PPD on TL shipment with up to 2 drops within 100 miles
      • 3% allowance 2+ pallets
  • Hard Goods (Accessories, Emission Devices, Fittings, Filters)
    • Nationwide
      • PPD on $10,000+
      • 7% allowance on $5,000+
      • 5% allowance on $1,000+


  • % Freight allowance is based off the total invoice dollar amount (Not to exceed the actual cost of freight)
  • Freight quote is a good faith estimate, all freight will be billed based on actual cost
  • Truckload minimums defined by operations at order
  • Truckloads are defined by fully loaded 53’ dry-box van, or as equipment is equipped if less
  • No freight allowance on Will Calls
  • Freight policy applies to shipments within the contiguous US 48 States (Hawaii & Puerto Rico not included), freight beyond this geography is the responsibility of the purchasing party
  • All PPD freight is subject to two-day lead-time for economic booking (3pm PST cutoff)
  • Next day shipments (12pm PST cutoff)
  • 1,000-ft coils or less for drip tape not included in pallet minimums
  • Truckload drip tape orders are allowed up to 2 drops within 100 miles from the manufacturing location

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Join us for an enlightening webinar exploring the world of regenerative agriculture. Delve into soil biology, microorganisms, and regenerative practices with CEO Miles Sorel of Terraforma. Learn about core principles, benefits for growers, and the impact on food quality and sustainability. Gain insights into microorganism applications and their interaction with plant roots. Don’t miss this transformative journey!

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Fall Forward: Smart Strategies to Combat Seasonal Water Waste

As summer transitions into autumn, there’s an often-overlooked challenge that demands our attention – the surge in landscape water waste. This irrigation training episode focuses on the unexpected increase in water wastage during the fall season and why most landscapes are being overwatered. Actionable strategies to curb this waste and enhance sustainable water management will be shared.

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