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Discover podcasts from Jain and its partners in the agriculture, landscape, greenhouse, nursery, mining, agtech and recycled water industry.

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EPISODE SUMMARY Special Covid 19 episode discussing the results of Lawn & Landscape survey of its readers with editor Brian Horn and Richard Restuccia of Jain Irrigation. EPISODE NOTES With…
How Landscape Contractors Are Dealing with Covid19
EPISODE SUMMARY Discussing sustainable garden and landscape principles with Richard Restuccia, Vice President of Water Management Solutions at Jain Irrigation, Inc. EPISODE NOTES Sustainability isn’t just good for the garden,…
Sustainable Landscape Begins with Us
Agproz Interview with Cory Broad. /Always Learning / Get Connected
EPISODE SUMMARY In this episode, we’re discussing 6 steps to massive water savings in your landscape with water expert Richard Restuccia at Jain Irrigation. EPISODE NOTES In this #landscapechat episode,…
6 Steps to Saving 85% of Landscape Water
EPISODE SUMMARY Discussing the benefits and efficiency of drip tape systems, from agriculture to residential systems, with Jain Irrigation. EPISODE NOTES In the irrigation industry, equipment manufacturers are always try…
Benefits of Drip Tape Irrigation System
 EPISODE SUMMARY With today’s advanced technologies, more people are relying on them for smart automation in all aspects of life. Taking care of our landscapes is also getting a…
Smart Controller Myths Debunked
EPISODE SUMMARY Proper watering is essential for a thriving garden and an automatic system can help ensure it’s well hydrated. Drip irrigation systems are the most efficient and cost effective…
Drip Irrigation System Basics
EPISODE SUMMARY Richard Restuccia, Vice President at Jains Irrigation with 20 years in irrigation and smart water management, discusses smart irrigation controllers and sustainable landscape. In this #landscapechat episode, Richard…
What makes an irrigation controller smart?