Sensorless Jain Logic™

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Weekly ETc - Actual Crop Water Consumption

Access your field’s ETc Average and ETc Uniformity.

ETc uniformity can be an indicator of irrigation, soil, pest, or other issues in the field.

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Weekly NDVI (Vigor) - Monitor Crop Health

Observe vigor changes or vigor uniformity over time.

Vigor images identify crop symptoms quickly so growers can treat the symptom before it impacts yields. You can view crop vigor change over time.  

Real-Time Weather Forecast Widget

Monitor and log wind speed/direction, rainfall, temperature, relative humidity and solar radiation, ET values.

Log and graph historical weather data.

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Irrigation Scheduler

Take the guesswork out of your irrigation decisions. The irrigation scheduler provides a simple way for growers to create a weekly irrigation schedule by irrigation set. It integrates directly with notifications, so growers can easily share schedules electronically or in hard copy with staff.

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Rooted in Sustainability: Exploring Microorganisms and Regenerative Farming

Join us for an enlightening webinar exploring the world of regenerative agriculture. Delve into soil biology, microorganisms, and regenerative practices with CEO Miles Sorel of Terraforma. Learn about core principles, benefits for growers, and the impact on food quality and sustainability. Gain insights into microorganism applications and their interaction with plant roots. Don’t miss this transformative journey!

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Fall Forward: Smart Strategies to Combat Seasonal Water Waste

As summer transitions into autumn, there’s an often-overlooked challenge that demands our attention – the surge in landscape water waste. This irrigation training episode focuses on the unexpected increase in water wastage during the fall season and why most landscapes are being overwatered. Actionable strategies to curb this waste and enhance sustainable water management will be shared.

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